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Renewables & Solar Panels

Reduce fuel bills and cut your trade customers’ carbon footprints by investing in renewables for domestic heating and energy systems from Discounted Heating. Renewable energy is a cleaner, more sustainable way to provide properties with the power they need, and we offer a variety of ways to make the switch. Invest in solar heating, discover the benefits of ground or air source heat pumps, and help your trade customers save money in the long term.

By installing solar panels on a roof or other suitable surface, you could harness the power of the sun to provide energy. We offer a variety of panels that are ideal for installation on new-builds or existing buildings, as well as options to suit everything from pitched slate tile to flat roofs.

Other excellent renewable energy options include air and ground source heat pumps. Absorbing heat from the outside air, air source pumps can be used to heat water, radiators and underfloor heating systems. They’re operational all year round, and can extract heat from the air even when the temperature drops below freezing. Likewise, ground source heat pumps are buried in suitable gardens and extract heat from the earth no matter what the weather. They can be used to heat homes as well as provide hot water. 

Invest in renewables and enjoy using a sustainable source of energy that operates with no emissions or unwanted side effects. Discover a variety of ways to make the change with the full range of renewable energy options available at Discounted Heating.


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Vaillant 302498 Renewable Energy
Looking for a Renewable Energy then the Valor Solar Fluid 302498 20litres could be for you..
Ex Vat: £57.42
Renewable Energy