What is a BTU Calculator

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Our BTU Calculator is here to help you work out the BTU energy requirements of a room, and in so doing help choose appropriate radiators able to comfortably heat this room.


Sounds simple! Well yes it is, but there are many variables, so to get a better understanding of what it all means, we'll try and explain how and why it could help you.


What is BTU?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and is a measure of heat output from a radiator.

How can it be used?


This BTU figure gives a simple but accurate guide to your rooms heating requirements. Ultimately this will ensure you have sufficient radiator heat output to keep your room warm and, as importantly, eliminate the expense of any unnecessary radiators.


What does it calculate?


Given the cubic volume of a room (this is the time to get the tape measure out) along with details on the room type, number of windows/doors, external walls etc our calculator will give a BTU value of the radiator/s required to happily heat this room.

How does it work?

The BTU is formulated and will give you a single figure BTU requirement e.g 3000 BTU along with radiator options that match this BTU output.


As an additional bonus, all our radiators have a BTU value listed in their specifications so, given this information, you may decide to have two Single Panel Convector Radiator 530 x 540mm (e.g product code 207121) with a BTU value of 1579 or one larger Double Panel Plus 600 x 700mm Radiator (e.g product code 239722) with a BTU value of 3215.

Product Selector Guide

Our BTU calculator will offer you a variety of different radiators matching your BTU value. They'll be listed by price / range / manufacturer / style so if you're looking to achieve a modernistic or minimalistic look, a contemporary or colourful theme, or just as cheap as you can find, we'll have it listed.

Radiator brands

'So many choices' would probably best sum up shopping for radiators today, but to simplify, it's advisable to use one brand if multiple radiators are being installed. This will ensure continuity through your house and also make installation easier, and generally cheaper.


Here are a few snippets of information about the leading brands to aid your decision making:


  • Center - Offering fantastic value for money. Diverse range with simple clean lines. Ideal for large home and commercial installations.
  • Myson - Offering a huge range in all shapes and sizes, from compact radiators for smaller rooms, two metre high column radiators, to stylish designer radiators. A leading supplier of speciality units, such as the low surface temperature radiator. One of our best selling brands.
  • Nabis - Our own brand bathroom collection. Stunning range of designer towel warmers in contemporary styles, all offered at unbeatable prices
  • Quinn (QRL Group) - UK manufacturer of stylish and practical compact radiators available in horizontal and vertical models. Classic design at sensible prices. One of our best selling brands.
  • Stelrad - A series of radiators that provide unbeatable value, quality and design including the Vita Series. Manufacturer of high quality, steel radiators since 1936. Our best selling brand.


Choosing the right radiator brand


Buying a single radiator or having a whole new central heating system installed, the choices made are not to be taken lightly. This will no doubt be a considered purchase and one that will not only add to the comfort of day-to-day living but possibly even adding value to your home.


For single radiator purchases use the filters on our site to narrow your search down and for multiple radiator purchases, look for the brands that will offer radiators to suit every area of your home. For example, a column radiator in a kitchen can be a valuable space saver, so look for brands that offer your full range requirements.


We only supply radiators from reputable manufacturers so, whichever you choose, you can rest assured of receiving the best quality product at the best possible price.


Please remember however that our calculator should be used as a guide only. Its aim is to give you a better understanding of your homes requirements so you can discuss with your plumber/installer.


With such a handy tool freely available what are you waiting for - just click the link below to get started.

Happy radiator hunting!


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