Insinkerator Kitchen Products

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If you’ve not heard of Insinkerator they are manufacturers of a wide range of kitchen products that offer stylish designs whilst keeping one eye firmly on the environment. Whether it’s cutting domestic food waste going to landfills or wasting boiled water Insinkerator offer energy savings and cost savings across their ranges.

What do insinkerator sell?

Insinkerator are a revolutionary manufacturer that make products that make you life easier and kitchen more stylish. Their product range is evolving with new and improved products and at DIscounted Heating we stock prodcuts from each of their main collections.

Food Waste Disposals

20% of domestic waste is food goes to landfil sites! This is expensive and not-environmentally friendly. This waste not only fills landfill sites but so do the bags they arrive in. You can use the Insinkerator food waste disposal units to cut the food waste and reduce carbon footprints.

Using an insinkerator waste disposal machine makes your families kitchen a greener family kitchen


Instant Cold & Hot Water Taps

Many see instant hot water taps as a great way to get hot water fast but don’t recognise the energy savings that can be had from using an insinkerator hot water tap. No more wasted water, less energy consumed and a reduced carbon footprint because only the water you need is used and none is wasted.

Available in a choice of colours including polished chome and brushed steel theres a a style for every kitchen so you can have instand hot water or filtered cold water. No more leads or hassle - just the touch of a button.


Cold Water Chillers

The benefits of Insinkerators extend to your cold water as well. Keep your water chilled and deliver convenience and quality at an affordable rate. Get cold water on demand and save time and energy along the way.

The Insinkerator cold water filters give you fresh, cold, filtered water in your home directly from the insinkerator cold water tap. At the push of a button you have water and with regular maintence of insinkerator water filters there's no need to keep other water filtering products in the fridge.


At Discounted Heating we not only stock the range of the instant hot water taps and food disposal units but have everything you need to install and maintain your insinkerator system. Our Aluminium Installation kit removes all the headaches and makes installation simple whilst our plumbing kits and filters ease the pain of maintenance and repairs.

Take a look at the latest Insinkerator product ranges here

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