How To Fit A Bath Panel

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If you're reading this post you probably want some help and need to know how to fit a bath panel. The Bath Panel is an often overlooked, yet very important aspect of your bathroom. The panel not only adds an attractive finish to the bath by covering the underside of the tub and associated plumbing, but also protects the floor under the bath from water ingress.

Bath panel sizes

Used predominately on straight edged baths, the size and number of panels will depend on your bathroom design. Most will require at least the front panel (this runs the length of the bath) which are normally offered in lengths of 1500mm, 1600mm, 1700mm and 1800mm, with 1700mm being the most common in the UK. End panels (this runs the width of the bath) of 700mm, 750mm and 800mm.

The bath panels are supplied as one-piece moulded units of a fixed height. On new installations this can be adjusted to fit using the bath legs, on retro-fits, the panel can be trimmed to size. There are however many bath styles and shapes available (such as curved corner baths) and these may only need one specially-designed panel which have been matched to the suite.

The Basics of Fitting a Bath Panel

For these plastic panels, the necessity for a complicated and expensive stud-work frame is not always necessary and with good DIY skills, this simple fixing option will save both time and money.

Panels are normally supplied with a lip at the top which slots behind the underside of the bath ridge to secure it. The bottom of the panel is screwed to a wooden batten, which has to be fixed to the floor, to hold it in place.

It is common for panels to have moulded curves / contours to increase the overall rigidity of the unit. This is more of a concern for plastic bath panels as wooden panels are more rigid and hold in place better



Tools required to fit a bath panel

  • Electric drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Hack saw (if trimming is required)
  • Spirit level

Shopping list

  • Bath panel (of course, which you can find here)!
  • Wooden batten 3"x2" (64mm x 38mm) or 2"x2" (38mm x 38mm) – the larger the batten, the easier it will be to locate the fixing screws. Remember, this needs to be long enough to run the full length of the panels being fitted.
  • Fixings for batten – dependant on flooring this could be screws or grab adhesive.
  • Wood screws – 25mm are ideal (3 or 4 for front panel and 2 or 3 for end panel).
  • Screw caps – colour to match.

Step-by-Step guide to fitting a bath panel

  1. Check measurements - remove your panel from any packaging and ensure it is the correct size and style required.
  2. Fix the batten – cut the batten to the full length of the bath. It should be fixed 19mm inset from the bath edge. Use the spirit level held vertically against the side of the bath to ensure a straight fixing is made.
  3. Cut to size – marry-up the panel to ensure the bath is level and to check for any other obstructions such as skirting boards. Trim the panel as required using gentle saw strokes along pre-marked cutting lines.
  4. Drill screw holes – these should be approximately 15mm up from the base of the panel to ensure a secure fixing in to the batten and approximately 50mm from each end. A third hole in the middle should adequate on a standard 1700mm panel.
  5. Fix panel – using the wood screws. Tighten screws by hand as over tightening could damage the plastic moulding. Fit crews caps to finish.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back – you've just fitted a bath panel – well done!

For end panels, please use the same steps as above, but remember to allow for any overlap on battens when measuring / cutting to length.

Now you know what you need to do to fit a bath panel you are ready to look at the extensive range Discounted Heating have on offer

Below you can find a video on how to fit a bath panel courtesy of Bits & Bob youtube channel. We hope you don't mind us using this - please get in touch with us when you see this.


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